Badam Barfi

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  • 1.25 Cup Almond
  • 75 gm Khaskhas seeds (Poppy Seeds)
  • 1 ltr milk
  • 1.25 cup Khoya (125 gm)
  • 2 cup Sugar or as per taste
  • 2 cup ghee
  • 1/2 tsp cardamom powder
  • 1 pinch of saffron
  • 2 Silver Varq

How to make Badam Halwa:-

  • Take a deep Bowl and soaked almond in water then blanched .
  • Take another bowl and soaked poppy seeds in milk.When poppy seeds has been soaked, take a blander and grind these seeds.
  • Add almond, milk, cardamom and grind well. Prepare a smooth paste.
  • Take a frying pan and heat ghee on low flame. Add this mixture which is prepare in grinder.
  • Stir this mixture slowly and prepare a thick, then add khoya and mix it well.
  • Add saffron and sugar mix it well.
  • Stir continue until this Mixture leave the sides of this frying pan.
  • Switch off the flame.
  • Take a tray and greasing with oil this tray. Set all Mixture in this tray and cut into barfi pieces. Garnishing with Silver varq. 
  • Serve this barfi chilled.

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